Hello, The ‘Battle Island Crete’ crowdfunding campaign ended at midday on Saturday, 14 December 2013, with a grand total of $15050.00. This figure represents 107% of our goal. A huge and hearty tahnk you to all of our very generous supporters – OPA! AP

Hello, It’s day 39 of the ‘Battle Island Crete’ crowdfunding campaign and we have pledges of support totalling $10575. This figures suggests that the film is 75% funded. There are 3 weeks remaining on the campaign, so please consider making a donation. It would be very welcomed and much appreciated. AP

Hello, It’s Day 28 of the ‘crowdfunding’ campaign and we are 71% funded or we hold pledges of support totalling $10K. It has been a tremendous response from family, friends, colleagues and complete strangers! OPA! AP

Hello, It’s Day 23 of our ‘crowdfunding’ campaign seeking to raise funds for the production budget of ‘Battle Island Crete’ and we have achieved $7600 in pledges of support, or in other words have reached 54% of our overall target. We have 23 individual supporters listed via our project page on Pozible. In addition we […]

Hello, Yesterday (28 October 2014) was OXI Day. I attended a touching service at Melbourne’s Shrine of Remembrance. This was followed by lunch at the Hellenic RSL sub-branch in South Melbourne. Many thanks to Steve Kyritsis (President) for a well-orchestrated afternoon with informative and deeply-moving speeches made by relataives and particiapnts of the Greek and […]

Hello, The Greek-language posters arrived by mail yesterday. They look terrific! AP

Hello, Today, I received the english-language version of our ‘crowdfunding’ poster from the printers. We have 500 to disseminate across Melbourne. AP